Sunday, February 5, 2012

Note to Self: Be Mindful

I came across this video today. It has such a powerful message. I am often amazed at how much of a 'mini-me' my kids can be, especially my daughter. I always have a suggestion on how to make the experience better....process improvement shall we say; or frequently I exhibit body language that if spoken would not say nice things. It is so true that our children imitate us. It can be the greatest form of flattery, or unfortunately, the worst of lessons that we are teaching our children. The next time I feel like I want to criticize or make a negative comment, I am going to look at that little 'mirror' in the backseat or walking beside me and ask myself if that is what I want to see reflected.

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trtllove said...

I'm so glad you are blogging and what a perfect topic to begin with.

We can all be better role models for our children. They see us in our best and worst moments and although I don't believe in hiding ones true feelings, we should at least train ourselves to stop and think and possibly change what we were thinking of saying or going to do.

Take for instance Madonna's half-time show last night. I thought it was very tastefully done, and I was, as an old fan of hers, glad to see her put on such a nice that I thought any kid could watch without nipples involved. Then, this morning I wake up and all that I see is how the guest singer on (mind you-Madonnas show) used a gesture and may have thrown out a nasty word.

Was that even necessary? No, of course not! This "artist" has lost any bit of respect I may have had for her. I just hope that the kids out there totally missed it like I did!! LOL

Unfortunately, we have the media pointing it out now and talking about it being bigger than Madonna's show and the Super Bowl itself...thanks media!! Way to shed light on something that should have been ignored! You have now honored the wishes of this particular "artist" who wanted millions to see and hear her trashy-ness!!

SHE, apparently, forgot to consider what impact she would have on children viewing her moment in Super Bowl history. Unfortunate!!