Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flesh-eating Fish, Oh My!!

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker of mine brought in an ad for a spa in our town that was offering a multitude of services such as butt-lifts,tummy tucks,vijay-jay(isn't that what Oprah calls it)?rejuvenations and the one that really piqued my curiosity which was a Fish Pedicure. 

OMG...a fish pedicure!  We tried without success to get one of our other co-workers to call and ask questions about the spas services, but she refused and I just couldn't do it without laughing. (If I could have,  I would've done it for an utterli and posted it along with this blog post :)

So, seriously....these fish, called Garra Ruffa, or Doctor Fish are known for eating dead skin off of peoples feet(or I suppose anything else you are brave enough to dip into the drink with them). 

FYI: during my less than extensive research on flesh-eating fish, I also ran across some other fabulous beauty regimens:

Nightingale-Poo Facials: Apparently David Beckham and Poosh, oops mean Posh Spice are big fans of the Poo Facial.  There is an enzyme called Guanine that is found in the excrement of Nightingales, Bats and the scales of fish.  The UV radiated poo is mixed with shea butter and green tea and some other goodies to create this 'miracle' cream that you slather on your mug for that oh so youthful appearance of the stars. 

Bull Semen Hair Conditioner: That's right, the sperm from an organically raised Angus Bull, applied right to the roots of your hair.  Haven't had that visual since 'There's Something About Mary'.

Honestly, I imagine these treatments are outside of my, unfortunately(NOT), I think I'll have to stick with my hair conditioner from Whole Foods and Noxzema!